Thursday, 6 September 2012

Collapse by Jared Diamond

Easter Island is famously one of the remotest places in the world.  It is also famous for its huge statues.  They are both relics of and key components of one of the most haunting of tales of environmental destruction.  The inhabitants of Easter Island arrived by boat and created a unique culture, of which the erection of their statues was a key part.  But this culture was not sustainable.  It required the use of large quantities of wood, and over a few centuries all the wood was used up.


Calvus said...

Back when I started seriously reading Roman history, I bought a series of lectures by Garrett Fagan at Pennsylvania State. He mentioned at the end that the most interesting recent work in the field was being done in system analysis. I corresponded briefly with him about that (the term being un-googleable). He recommended Peter Heather and Jared Diamond as the best exemplars of the new approach.

It sounds like the "scientist" half of your nom de clavier is starting to come into fashion.

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