Thursday, 30 August 2012

Telstar by the Tornados

Telstar - the satellite (thanks to Wikipedia)

I was 3 when Telstar came out, so I probably don't remember it when it was actually a hit record. But I heard it often enough as a small boy that it formed part of my experience of growing up.  It was always my favourite.  It was just so space age.



Calvus said...

I had no idea the Tornadoes were British. Live and learn.

If I were looking for their long-term impact, I'd go via the Ventures, thence to the Beach Boys. I can't imagine "Good Vibrations" in a world where "Telstar" didn't come first.

Historyscientist said...

It hadn't occurred to me about the link to the Beach Boys, but now you say it yes it is obvious.